The Day for conveying your long-lasting appreciation to your Father.

■” 2018 What a Cool Smile!” Campaign! VoL2 『2018 Eternal Story of Parents for Father’s Day 』 by RobeAbyad ■The 11 th PR Times Press Release Please Refer to The 10 Previous PR Times Press Release by ViA RoAd Co.Ltd.Architect Office. ■商品名 Diamond Lingerie RobeAbyad   (2018 Father’s Day にむけてRobeAbyadが日本に初めて紹介したナイル発祥ウエディングランジェリー)   をキャンペーン価格にて販売します。

Great Appreciation for the Encounter in the past,
with warm and wise Mother.

2018 Eternal Story of Parents for Fathers Day

■” 2018 What a Cool Smile! by Robe Abyad
商品名 Diamond Lingerie RobeAbyad
(ナイル発祥ウエディングランジェリー) Campaign Price
Dalila 19080yen (Tax included 20606 yen)
Layla 17990yen (Tax included 19429 yen)
Monifa 14980yen(Tax included 16178 yen)
Sabah 19880yen(Tax included 21470 yen)
Safiya 21880yen(Tax included 23630 yen)
Yasmin 17980yen(Tax included 19418 yen)
タッセル付 Mystic Green Packageにてお届けします。

■Sale Campaign: 8 June to 15 June 2018.
尚、今回のキャンペーンをもちまして名古屋 今池での
『i make i at imaike project』は終了となります。

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